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Established in 1981, Handy-Age is a Taiwan-based professional Export and Trading Company offering a wide range of quality, innovative and profitable items.

With the global strength to source and supply a wide variety of healthcare, houseware, fitness and personal safety products, Handy-Age has been highly distinguished as trustworthy and professional. To understand and provide the latest designs, we act as a safeguard for our clients to ensure only quality products are received. Providing integrated personal services from sourcing, OEM/ODM, inspection to shipping logistics, our clients save time coordinating with just one contact window!

The passionate and professional team at Handy-Age dedicate themselves in providing global customers with the latest information, sourcing and effective solutions to satisfy each target market. We endeavor to put our customers as our first priority and it is always a pleasure to welcome your further contacts.

Company History


Founding of Handy-Age amongst the take off of Taiwan’s International Trade.


Encounter with first New Zealand client – Brian Smith – setting the foundation for our Machinery products.


Through the establishment with Ron Sutton and a large New Zealand Purchasing Team, Handy-Age became the sole agent supplying for ‘Foodstuff’ and ‘Four Squares’. This became the start of our Hand Tools and Household & Kitchenware products.


Founding of sister-company Brazil Handy-Age through esteemed partner Thomas Cheng.


Start of Pet and Gardening products through collaboration with long-term Australian client.


Sole Agent of supplying “Clear Wrap Cutters” worldwide. ‘First American Trading Co.’ became our largest client in U.S.A.


With 10 years of trading experience, Handy-Age started investing in molds and production of Alcohol Testers. We successfully built up many Portuguese clients in this field.


Transition into Internet Era and Electronics Storage.


Establishment with Brazil client ‘Sumerland’ and collaboration with Taiwan’s largest Umbrella makers. Start of our Umbrella line of products.


Handy-Age established first official website.


With the collaboration of a Bolivia client, Handy-Age started the line of Auto-related products and Lighting.


Establishment with Portuguese client started the line of MSR and POS-related products.


Development fully into E-Commerce and collaboration with many online platforms – Global Source, CENS, Trade Asia, Made-in-China, Alibaba – to fully promote Handy-Age on an International level.


Second generation succession and transition from Christine to Alex and Jenny.


Focused on internal training and enhancing relationships with factories and clients, Alex and Jenny work on re-building a new passionate and professional Handy-Age Team.


With a view to bringing new ideas and all-round services, the advancement of a steady and strengthened team continues to grow.


The birth of the first Handy-Age mascot 'Shi-Feng' Phoenix was born (Chinese name of founder Christine Kuan).
With 3 distinct colors representing our services, we endeavor to deliver:
Reliability (Blue)
Passion / Energy (Red)
Knowledge and Creativity (Yellow)


Signifying the new era of 2nd generation succession and establishment of new video platform on YouTube (Handy-News).


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